The 2 latest creations of Nespresso 2013: Kazaar and Dharkan

Kazaar y Dharkan

Nespresso has introduced two new creations intense coffee capsule in which increase in intensity. Kazaar has an intensity of 12 and 11 Dharkan. Be part of the Grands Crus and permanent increase, with these additions, the maximum degree of intensity of 10-12.

Kazaar: «Exceptionally intense and mellow». It’s a daring mix two Robusta from Brazil and Guatemala along with Arabica South America. It has an intense bitterness and a hint of pepper that all balanced with the creaminess and texture of this exceptional coffee. intensity 12

Dharkan: «Very roasted and velvety». It is a blend of Arabica from Central America, South America and Asia that has been roasted using a low temperature technique and time. It has some roasted cereal notes, cocoa velvet stand in this mixture. Intensity 11.